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Do you really want to be successful?

Do you believe you can reach the top?

If you're flat broke and you've never managed to get out of trap of only being a few pay cheques away from bankruptcy, success seems an insumountable goal. You can't imagine how another person could have reached the top of the pile, let alone the millions of people that have done so over the years. From your perspective, the heights of being a mult-millionaire seem impossible to scale.

During moments of anger and frustration with your lot, you feel these people must have lied and cheated their way to the top. Perhaps you console youself with the thought that they inherited the money or they were just lucky, in the right place at the right time. This will have been the case with a small percentage of them but not the majority, it just doesn't stand up to arguement.

So what is stopping you from following in their footsteps, along a well worn path to join the hoards of people at the top. The path is so well worn that it should be easy to follow, and some of that path can be found on this website.

It sounds simple but what you believe holds you back. If you don't believe you can achieve then you will never achieve. It becomes a self-fulfilling profecy, if you think you can do it or you doubt your abillity, you're probably right.

However, a person that has made and lost a lot of money, will know for certain that they can achieve success once again. Their confidence in their abillity will drive them forward towards their new goals. Of course they will have knowledge of how to achieve, but anyone could learn this. Your belief in your abillity is crucial.

Unsuccessful people are indecisive and doubtful of the possiblities they could achieve. Their fear of failure prevents them from taking action towards their dreams. But if you are poor, you have nothing to lose if you fail, so it should be easier to produce results. In theory.

Maybe you do believe you can achieve a wealthy lifestyle, but there is still something holding you back. You're the kind of person that jumps from one 'get rich quick' scheme to another and you habitually play lotteries in the vague hope that someone will just give you a lot of money. Your problem is that your not prepared to do whatever it takes to reach you goal. You want to be rich but you're not prepared to pay the price to become wealthy.

So do you want to be wealthy? I would assume so because you are reading this article, but are you prepared to pay the price for that wealth. Paying the price means doing whatever it takes, it means working hard, it means not sitting in front of the television or idly surfing the net. You'll be devoting a large part of your free time to the cause. Rarely do people 'get rich quick', so you will be looking down the barrel of at least 5 years to 10 years of hard work.

If you're not willing to put in the hard work on a consistent basis you might as well give up on your dreams, and get back to watching your favorite TV programme. It's as simple as that.

When you look back on your life from an elderly point of view, what would you like to remember? That television series that really made you laugh or that first class round the world trip you were able to afford.

Are you happy following the other sheep, not doing anything extrodinary and moaning about their exsistence? Or, would you like to steer your own life and reap the rewards that can bring?

The choice is yours.

The fear of failure

I'm sure you've heard it said the best way to conquer your fears is to face them, it sounds easy but isn't always in practice. One thing you can do to lesson the effects of failure is to reframe the experience as a learning experience. Don't look at the experience as a failure, there are no such things as failures, only results. If you didn't find the result you wanted, it doesn't matter just learn from the experience and move on. You will make better decisions in the future because of this result. Change your approach and move onto greater success.

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