How to Speed Up Internet Browsing and Increase Security for Free.
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Would you like to increase the speed of your Internet surfing?

Would you like to be able to use the Internet without fear of spyware or adware attack?
Are you fed up with the frequent security patches you need to install for Internet Explorer?
Would you like to be able to automatically continue from where you left off the last time you were on the Internet?
Are you tired of your computer locking up or crashing when you use the internet?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions I have a solution for you. All you need to do is upgrade to a more advanced Internet browser than Internet Explorer, and what's more this won't cost you anything either.

I recommend you install the free Opera browser as it is the fastest internet browser and is available for most operating systems.

Opera is also more secure than Internet Explorer for example go to or look at the graphs below to see how many problems still haven't been fixed by Microsoft. (These graphs are direct from Secunia so should be up to date.)

Internet Explorer security problems remain unfixed

A large number of unpatched problems could lead to your computer being crippled by malicious software when you surf the Internet. If these problems are considered critical you are more likely to be attacked.

Internet Explorer security problems

For comparison, at the time of writing the few problems Opera had, have all been fixed;

Opera also has many features to make the Internet quicker and easier to use. As well as doing what Internet Explorer is capable of, Opera adds to what is possible on the Internet. Of course it has a pop-up blocker, which is a feature that Microsoft have only just got around to including in the latest version of IE6. Some of my favourite innovative features include:

Tabbed Browsing - this means every new web page you open will open within the same program. This means that you can shut Opera down and when you reopen it, all the pages you were using will open up exactly where you left off. You can also duplicate the current page you are using will all its history intact, plus if you accidentally close a page it is very easy to reinstate without any hassle.

Mouse Gestures - this is a very quick way to navigate your way through websites. For example, when you want to go back to the previous page you were on, instead of moving the pointer up to the top of the browser to click the back button, all you need do is hold down the right mouse button and drag the pointer to the left slightly then release.

Gestures work with many other operations such as forward, close page, open link in new window, refresh page and duplicate page. This is very useful and you will find yourself trying to use mouse gestures in other programs and then being annoyed when the other program doesn't have this feature.

Password Wand - it remembers your passwords and user ids. It will then fill them in for you and automatically take you to the next page all with one click (or Ctrl+Enter).

Zoom - if you've ever been to a website which uses very small text you will understand how useful this feature can be. Simply press the + key to zoom in on the webpage and the whole page will increase in size, graphics and photos included. (The - key reduces the size and the * key returns it to the original size.)

Voice - you can use your voice to tell Opera what you want to do or have webpages read to you. If you're fed up with sitting in front of the computer you can get up and walk around whilst Opera reads to you.

Full-screen Mode - just press the F11 key to view the website completely full-screen. Use this along side mouse gestures and press 1 or 2 to move between pages (right mouse button and scroll wheel also works).

Fit Window to Width - if a page is too wide for the browser window, simply press one button (or Ctrl+F11) to make it fit so you can see everything at the same time and lose the horizontal scroll bar.

This is just a small example of the features available in Opera which make the Internet faster and easier to use. Go here for a more comprehensive list, or you could just try it for yourself and it's only a small download at about 6MB.

Download it now for free -

Once you have downloaded the software I would strongly recommend that you go through a tutorial in order to get the best out of the software:

It is very easy to customise the Opera browser. You can customise or remove a panel or button within Opera just by right clicking on it.

Alternatively, you can add functions by going to the website below and simply dragging a button you want onto one of Opera's panels.

It is also possible to block advert banners on the websites you visit. Simply right click on the web page (but not on the graphic of advert itself) and select 'Block content'. Then just click on the images you want to remove.

If you ever have any problems you should be able to find the solution in the Opera community forums or in the knowledge base.

I don't receive any income for recommending the Opera browser. This page is primarily directed towards the users of Internet Explorer to inform them that better ways of using the Internet are available. If you use Firefox then you will already know this. I find Opera to be a better browser as it contains a lot of features as standard which would require many extensions in Firefox if they are available at all, but the choice will ultimately depend on what you need from a browser. If you find that for some strange reason you don't like Opera, I would recommend you give Firefox a try instead.

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