How to Influence and Persuade people. Get people to see things your way, without the need for violence. The secrets of power and influence revealed in this free report.

The secret power of persuasion revealed.
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How to Influence and Persuade - Part One

Influence will either be used by you or against you, which would you prefer? Advertisers, politicians and the media in general, all use techniques to influence your actions and thoughts. You can easily use the same techniques in your life to persuade people.

In this report you will learn;

The tactics of influence
How to get people to take action
How to communicate convincingly
How to gain rapport with your audience

The secret language used to influence

Once you have read, understood and applied the tactics and methods in this report, you will have the tools available to you to become a powerful communicator. If you wish to become an expert at persuasion you will need to do as the pro's do. A professional and persuasive communicator will practice consistently until these methods have become second nature.

There are three recognised techniques you must adopt if you hope to influence someone:

  • Establish your credibility. You will find it easier to influence someone if they believe you are an authority on the given subject. Doctors place diplomas on the wall to achieve this. You have to be congruent in your actions, past and present.
  • Meet the existing beliefs of your audience. This way they won't feel that you are lying to them and will be more willing to listen to you.
  • Use the emotions of the audience. You can't go wrong if you appeal to the emotions of the audience. You can uplift and inspire them or you can sadden and depress them, to get the desired result.

  • Telling a Story

    Metaphors and analogies can be used to pass on messages to the unconscious mind. Telling someone a story with a hidden meaning, is a very powerful way of conveying the meaning without the person realising. Telling a story in which the person has to imagine or use their memory to follow the plot, will put them in a trance. And once in a trance you can dramatically influence their behaviour.

    Trigger Patterns

    If you know why someone takes a certain action in a certain situation, you can engineer situations to your benefit. That's what trigger patterns are all about.

    When people encounter everyday situations it would be pointless to re-evaluate them every time, so the mind creates shortcuts. These shortcuts happen without any conscious input. When you brush your teeth you don't have to think about it, it's a fixed pattern of behaviour.

    What follows is a list of the most useful trigger patterns and how they occur.

    Reciprocity. The feeling you have to return the favour. When someone does you a favour, you will usually feel obliged to return that goodwill. Salesmen use this when they offer a discount, before you have decided to buy. The salesman knows you will be inclined to give a favour back and buy the product. The larger the concession offered, the more the pressure to buy.

    Commitment and Consistency. People like to behave in a consistent, congruent manner. This fact has been used by many people over the years to change someone's self-belief or strongly held opinions. Soldiers have been persuaded to embrace communism and people have followed cult leaders with fatal consequences.

    If you can get someone to agree to a small part of your idea, something that is easy to admit, then they will be more willing to agree to a bigger part of the idea. If they will agree to lots of the smaller parts of the idea, they will find it difficult to disagree to the whole idea. Because consistency is held in high esteem, it will be hard for them to seem to turn back to their old ideas. This method is far more effective when the agreement is made in front of other people.

    This method of persuasion is so powerful, that even when the original ideas are proven to be wrong, they will search for or make up new reasons to support that idea. Brand loyalty works in this way to some extent.

    When in Rome do as the Romans. In a situation when people are unsure of what to do, they will look to how other people are responding and imitate them. People don't want to do inappropriate things that may offend the other people. It is very difficult to be an individual in a crowd.

    There are many examples of this imitation in everyday life. Fashion is based on this idea, what's popular at the moment has come about by people copying other people. The dreaded Pokemon™ is successful because the kids don't want to stand out in the crowd.

    Liking people or things. People are more willing to take your point of view if they like you. Attractive people are believed to be more honest and are less likely to be convicted in a jury trial. People like others that they think are similar to them. People also respond well to compliments as long as they seem sincere.

    The more familiar a product seems, the more it is liked by the public. If a product is associated with good things, even if those things have no rational connection, more will be sold.

    Authority. People are more likely to comply with a request from someone in authority, than an ordinary person. People in authority can be seen as more knowledgeable and honest. Doctors with more authority and credibility cure more patients successfully. Placebos are on average 40% effective, but its effectiveness has been shown to vary greatly depending on the doctor.

    Scarcity is an important motivator for consumers. The more allusive the product, the greater the value placed on it. When a book or a film is banned, more people will want to own it. Whenever a film is given a short limited release, they're playing on the scarcity factor to sell more copies. Limited edition items will usually sell faster and at a higher price, making the concept very attractive for marketeers.

    Part Two

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