Find out how to create a great first impression when you meet new people.

When you meet new people create the right impression.
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How to Create an Amazing First Impression

The problem with first impressions is that once someone has an impression of you it is difficult to change their mind about you. First impressions are made within the first few minutes of meeting a new person, maybe even the first few seconds and are created automatically by the subconscious. This perception is then used when you think about or interact with this new person. Creating the right impression is vital to get you off on the right foot with the new person.


The first method for creating an amazing first impression may seem a little too simple or obvious, but it works well and is very easy to achieve. Smiling gives the impression that you're happy and we like to be around happy people. It also achieves other results. It makes you seem enthusiastic, confident and shows that you accept the other person and makes them feel at ease.

Act Confidently

Your body language is also important because a first impression may have already been formed before you get to talk to the new person. So stand and walk in a confident manner, stand up straight with your shoulders back and keep your chin up so that you don't walk around looking at the floor. If you aren't actually confident simply pretend that you are, act the way you would act if you were full of confidence and enthusiasm.

The Primacy Effect

The Primacy Effect is when the first impression of someone is used as a screen to show every action and utterance. So that every thing the person does is interpreted through the initial perception.

When your first impression of someone is good you will see every thing else they do more favourably than you would otherwise. This emphasises how important smiling and your body language actually is to your ongoing perception.

Positive Words

Studies have shown that after someone has read or listened to positive words they will see other people in a more positive way. This only has a short term effect, so the ideal situation is to have someone exposed to positive words immediately before you meet for the first time.

This can be used when you are going for a new job as the interviewer will look at your CV and accompanying letter just before your interview. Some of the words you could use; enthusiastic, resourceful, energetic, purposeful, eager, etc.

In other situations it may be possible to get someone to tell a positively worded story to the person you're just about to meet for the first time. If this isn't possible you may try introducing such words early on into the conversation to create a similar effect.

When somebody is in a good mood when they meet you they will often associate that good mood with you, and therefore see you in a better light.

Image Installation

A positive image of yourself can be installed in someone you haven't met before by a friend. The friend can sing your praises over time and then when you finally meet the new person for the first time they will see you in an excellent light.

This can be done more persuasively if the person supplying the message is seen to be impartial. If you get a seemingly unrelated person to praise you to your target, when you come to meet, they will have an excellent preconceived idea of what to expect. It is a very effective method if done correctly - the person that creates the image for you must do it subtly and covertly. It works best if done gradually to build up the image you want in the person's mind.

As most people don't really like having to think for themselves, when someone installs an image of a person they are yet to meet they will readily accept that viewpoint.

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