How to Make Money on the Internet by Selling the Same Item Over and Over Again.
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Most money making ideas will promise you vast riches for very little work. I should know, I’ve spent more money than I would care to remember on get rich quick schemes and most of them weren’t of much use to me. Either they were completely unrealistic and silly or it was something I could never actually imagine myself doing.

The vast riches promised were almost completely unattainable and the amount of work you had to put in was well beyond what I wanted to do. The problem is I’m lazy, I can’t stand the idea of slaving over a project like some of the schemes I have had the misfortune to try out.

I, like almost everyone else, want loads of money for doing almost nothing or better yet absolutely nothing. This is why the lottery is still so popular, even though the actual chance of winning is astronomical.

If you want to get really rich I’m sorry but it isn’t going to happen over night. You will need to run some kind of successful business. While that may seem like a little too much hard work, that doesn’t actually need to be the case.

This idea does require a little bit of work at the beginning but once you have set it up you needn’t touch it again if you don’t want to. It will carry on making money for you automatically with almost no intervention on your part.

The work you need to do at the beginning isn’t really work at all, it’s really just mucking about on the internet. I don’t like to refer to things as work anyway, as it brings a feeling of dread to me and puts me off from taking action on it.

What’s different about this money making idea is that I don’t promise you will earn huge fortunes. Perhaps you will only earn £50 a week from this scheme but that’s 50 quid you wouldn’t otherwise have had, and you haven’t had to put in any extra work that week to get it. This will then repeat itself each week, the income will vary of course, but as long as you follow my guidelines you will receive this money continually for no additional work.

1 The Principle of the idea

All the best ideas are simple and straight forward, this one is no exception. The great thing about it is that there are endless subjects that you can apply this money making program to. Therefore you will never have too many competitors to worry about and lose customers to.

To summarise the whole idea; you sell people searching on the internet the information they want. The clever thing about this is the way in which we discover what people want to know. Then we sell them exactly what they want.

The first step is to find a market that is ripe for you to exploit. I have set out guidelines for you to follow so that you only develop products that will be profitable. Once you have a market, you will be shown how to make sure it is worth your time and effort by testing it.

You then create an information product yourself or pay someone else to do it or even sell someone else’s product for a commission.

So how do you find out what people want? Why, you ask them of course. Then you use their answers as the basis of you information product and also your advertising.

It is very easy to get hold of customers, you simply use paid for search results to target the market precisely. These people will then be easy to sell to because you are selling exactly what they want.

Their order is then fulfilled and you receive their money, automatically. You don’t have to lift a finger once it is all set up. You will need to monitor your paid for advertising from time to time but that’s about it.

Then once you are happy with the set up you can start the process again if you wish. The idea is to have many of these websites, each bringing in a regular (but not necessarily large) sum of money.

2 Finding an idea

Finding an idea is perhaps the most difficult part of the process. But you’re not really looking for an idea, you’re searching for a market and then the market will tell you what you want.

You ideally want a market that is passionate about their chosen subject as they will be all the more likely spend their hard earned cash on finding out more information on that subject. You will find that people’s hobbies are often the sort of market you are after.

A hobby, like for instance tropical fish, has a large following of people looking for information on their hobby. These people will pay you money if you will answer their questions and solve their problems for them.

3 Checklist for your idea

How many searches were done in your chosen subject per month?

Are the people doing these searches happy to pay for information on their subject?

Are these people likely to have spare money to pay for your product and do they have a credit or debit card?

Are there atleast four other products being marketed to your group of people?

Are there two direct competitors in this area?

How much is the third advertiser paying in your search area?

4 Test out your idea

In order to make sure that your idea is viable and profitable you need to test it out. The testing process mimics what your actual advertising will eventually look like. So when you test the idea you will have as accurate as possible results in order to decide if the market will work for you.

Once your idea has passed the checklist in the previous chapter you can go ahead with the testing process. To test the idea you are going to advertise in search engines and when the advert is clicked on the person will go through, not to a sales website, but to a website asking them for information. You tell them you are doing research for an ebook and ask them what they want to know about the subject they are interested in. To entice them to respond to your request, you promise to send them the ebook for free when it’s ready.

When testing in this way you will find out how many click-throughs you will get for your adverts. You will also be told what the content of your ebook should contain. You simply answer the questions your respondents were asking and put them in your ebook. You also use those questions when eventually creating your advertising copy, when the ebook has been completed.

This process will cost you money, but it’s well worth the expenditure for the information you will receive.

5 Producing the ebook

The next stage is to create the product your customers will want to buy. Now you could write the ebook yourself, however, having done this myself in the past I found it very difficult and time consuming. You may be different but I’m far too lazy to keep doing that.

One alternative is to pay a writer to create the ebook for you. There are several places on the internet where you can acquire the services of a writer. These websites work in a similar way to an eBay auction, you put the request forward and the writers bid for the work. 

If neither of these ideas is to your liking you could always market someone else’s ebook. Clickbank has lot of ebooks available for you to market in the same way you would your own ebook. The downside of this approach is of course a reduced profit form each sale, plus you are more restricted in your marketing and you may find that you’re competing directly with the original author.

6 Clickbank

Clickbank is a service that will enable you to set up your advertising website and allow it to run on auto pilot. The payment and ebook delivery will be handled by Clickbank for a small fee which will be taken from the purchase price.

Clickbank also enables you to allow other people to sell your product and pay you a variable commission at absolutely no additional risk to you.

To utilise Clickbank’s services you have to submit your ebook for review. They charge you a $25 fee for this service, to make sure the content of your ebook is up to standard.

Once your ebook has been approved they will give you a link which you will add to your advertising website. When a customer clicks this link Clickbank will take care of the credit card payment and the delivery of the ebook, crediting all the profit to you.

7 Your website and your ad copy


For the written word to be persuasive it first has to be read. If potential readers aren’t attracted to the writing then you’ve wasted your time. The sole job of the headline is to get people to read what you’ve written.

If your writing is directed at a certain type or group of people then it is a good idea to mention this group in the headline. It is pointless trying to get everyone to read you writing if it will only be of interest to a certain demographic. Not targeting the headline will also mean that you will inevitably miss just the people that you want to attract.

You should also make sure your headline intrigues the reader with a benefit to them. The reader needs to be motivated to read your writing, so tell them about some benefit they will gain by reading further. If you add a bit of mystery about the benefit it will be all the more persuasive.

Headlines that ask the reader questions are also good because they engage you and get you to think about an answer. If the person ends up thinking about the headline they will be unable to avoid reading the rest of your writing.


One of the best ways to persuade someone in print is to tell a story. A story should hold the readers interest and will make the message far more memorable. On top of that you can draw the person into the story so that they are affected emotionally and once you’ve moved them emotionally you have them.

If you’re trying to sell something and you hook someone’s emotions onto the product this will overcome any rational thoughts on their part. Rational thoughts about whether they can afford it or if they really want it will be ignored and the sale will be made as long as they are moved to action before the affect wears off.

This method will work even better if the reader puts them self into the story and thinks about what they would do and how it would affect them. If the person is thinking about themselves in the situation you cannot fail to evoke their emotions.

So how do you make sure the reader puts themselves into the situation? You simply tell them to.

For example, you could ask them what they would do with all the money that your character has. What would they buy; a fast car or a big house perhaps, a holiday home in Spain or a round the world trip. Getting the reader to imagine the possibilities will make them want to be in the situation that the character is in. It was you product that enabled the character to be in that situation and therefore they will want to buy what it is what you’re selling.

8 Search engines and click-through

Of course, now you need to get visitors to your website. Just submitting to search engines won't be enough to get you the traffic you need. You should use services like Google's paid for searches as described above for testing.

9 Then repeat

Once you have found something which works why stop there? There is nothing stopping you from doing another ebook, so why not create another income stream? Each ebook may not earn you a fortune, but many of them combined will.

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