How to Earn Money from Telephone Calls made to your Phoneline.
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Profit from Premium Rate Phonelines

Premium rate phonelines give you the opportunity to earn huge sums of money for very little work. They are very easy to set up and require only a small amount of money to operate, but the earning potential is phenomenal.

You will sell the same content over and over again. Therefore, no matter how many sales you make you will have only have done the work once. This makes it possible to earn incredible amounts of money as the work you do is the same for one phonecall as it is for ten thousand.

For example, you can expect to earn somewhere between 70 to 85 pence per minute for a one pound tariff phonecall. One five minute call will earn you between £3.50 and £4.25. If you have a thousand customers you could earn over £4000. The more you promote them the more money you will make, the sky’s the limit.

You could create your own content or market a ready made service like ringtones for a reduced share of the call cost. Your content could be almost anything. You could provide a phoneline associated to a hobby you have, therefore making the process of putting the information together as enjoyable as possible. Alternatively, you could use the power of the internet to find information to provide content for the phoneline. As long as you don’t breach copywrite laws or provide something too obvious you shouldn’t have a problem.

Although the possibilities are virtually endless you must make sure there is a market for the information you provide. You could copy other people that are marketing premium rate lines, that way you know that the idea will work (if they can afford to advertise in the same place over and over again it must be worth their while).

There are thousands of speciality magazines available, pick one and think of a service that the people that buy the magazine would find of value. Then produce a phoneline to meet that need and advertise in the magazine. You can find the information for the phoneline on the internet, just make sure it doesn’t clash with the content of the magazine and you should be fine.

One way to ensure your information is different to the magazine you are advertising in, is to offer changing information. You could update the content daily or weekly, something the magazine could never offer. This will also encourage your customers to call back for new updated info, meaning you hold onto customers so you can make even more from your advertising.

You could start by advertising your service in the classified section of the magazine. This should be a cheap way to test your idea out. When advertising in the classifieds the headline is all important, so make yours as punchy and as attractive as possible.

You needn’t restrict yourself to just one phoneline either. Since phonelines are available for no initial outlay you can set up as many complementary information lines as you like. If you have multiple phonelines you can cross promote them during the phonecall, persuading customers to call your additional lines multiplying your revenue at no additional advertising cost.

Putting your information onto your phoneline is very simple. You’re given a phone number to an automated service where you simply record you message onto an answer machine. This phone number is paired with a premium rate number so the message will be updated immediately.

There is a choice of tariffs available from 10p to £1.50 and also fixed cost calls. With a fixed cost call you could charge say £5 for a product and all the person has to do is leave their information on the answer phone, then you send the product out to them.

There are of course some regulations you will have to abide by. You always need to state how much the call will cost and you need to give an address (a PO Box number will do) when ever the number is advertised. There are other restrictions such as if the call costs over £1 per minute you have to be given permission to operate by the governing body. You should definitely go to their website to find out how the rules will effect you (

If you want to make life even easier for yourself you can have the content provided for you. You will not earn as much per minute, but all you have to worry about is promoting the service. Some very popular content is available; ringtones, mobile logos, screensavers, picture messages, mobile video, java games, joke lines, prank calls, horoscopes, tipster lines, share alerts, weather reports and many more.

You could promote the ready made content with large magazine or newspaper advertising as many others do. If you don’t want to risk the expense you could use classified ads to start off.  A less expensive way of advertising your service is the internet. Many of the companies that provide phonelines will also provide you with a website (which you can customise) for ringtones and the like. Then all you have to do is find creative ways to promote the website.

What this whole opportunity ultimately comes down to is finding creative and effective ways to market the service. You really should give this opportunity a try it can be very low risk and the profits very large.

The deal the phoneline providers will give you can vary greatly some won’t need a set up fee whilst others could charge you £150. If they charge you more at the start it should mean that they offer you a larger percentage of the income from the phonecall. You should definitely shop around to find the best deal to suit you.

Below are just some examples of what is available, more premium rate providers can be found on the ICSTIS website.

The premium rate phoneline governing body.

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