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How to Influence and Persuade
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How to Create an Amazing First Impression

How to Influence and Persuade - Part Two


Upto 80 per cent of sales are said to be directly connected to the salesmans likeability, in the eye's of the buyer. This means a salesman needs to have good rapport building skills if he is to be successful. You build rapport when you match the other person's behaviour.

Disagreeing or arguing with someone won't build rapport, nor will talking faster than they can comfortably listen to. However, if you set the tempo of your voice to their voice or their breathing, you will begin to build rapport. Other ways you can build rapport include nodding or rocking at the same rate as them, saying things that you notice to be true or you know are true, mirroring their posture, and even blinking at the same time can build rapport.

Rapport minimizes the differences between people therefore making them like you (people tend to like people that they feel are like them). When you are trying mirror someone to gain rapport, it is very important that you do it in a subtle way so that they don't notice it consciously. You wouldn't want them to think you were making fun of them.

When you match the person's experience by talking about what is happening to them, their feelings or what is going on around them, you are doing what is called pacing. Once you are pacing someone you can lead them onto other ideas to help persuade them.

Know Your Enemy

You've heard the phrase 'walk a mile in another man's shoes,' well it also applies when you're trying to influence. You need to understand the other person's point of view, that way you can guess at what they want in the situation. You can work out answers to questions they are likely to ask, in doing so control the conversation. Remove other peoples doubts and negative thoughts by looking at what they fear from a different angle and solving it. You will always be more successful if you think about other peoples needs.

Adapting Behaviour

Always be sure of your outcome so you can choose the best path to achieve it. You have to be flexible to achieve your goal, you need to have more options/responses in any situation in order to control it. Watch carefully the other person's body language for clues to what they are really thinking and if you're not winning you can change your approach.

When trying to convince someone check that you are being congruent, your body language and tone of voice must match what you are saying or you won't be trusted.

If you want people to trust you play to their emotions - uplift them. Create a positive state by a happy, energetic and warm tone of voice. Be confident but not over enthusiatic, just make sure you are interesting to listen to. If you want to sound powerful and authoritative try using a downward inflection at the end of your sentences.

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