NLP - Patterns of Success. Take on the beliefs and attitudes of successful people in order to attain your own success.

NLP - Patterns of Success. Take on the beliefs and attitudes of successful people in order to attain your own success.
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NLP - Patterns of Success

Neurolinguistic programming or NLP for short, is the study of how to use your language to produce results in your life. It's the way in which you think and experience the world in your daily life.

If you want to find out how to do something really well, instead of taking a trial and error approach yourself, it would be easier to copy someone else. In NLP this is know as modelling. Modelling is finding out what a person's attitudes and beliefs are, in their area of expertise which you want to replicate. Once you find out what they believe, you can instil this belief in yourself and you will produce similar results.

It can be used to break old harmful habits, such as smoking, over eating and even depression. If applied properly it can also be used to make you more successful in your life, which is what I will be focusing on in this article.

The Success Formula

Successful people aren't successful because they were lucky, there were a number of things that they did in order to achieve what they wanted. It turns out that all successful people did most of the same things in order to get where they wanted to be. In the paragraphs that follow I will detail the formula for success that those people followed (whether they realized it or not).

Know your outcome. You need to know your outcome in every situation. If you don't know exactly what you want to achieve how will you ever get it. You need to have a direction to follow to achieve your goals.

Take action. It sounds obvious but it is something a lot of people get stuck on, afraid of taking a chance. Stop procrastinating and take action towards your goals, make your dream a reality.

Be persistent. How quickly will you give up on your idea, if the idea is good enough you will find someone who is interested in it eventually. There are many examples in history of people who would not give up on their ideas, how many more examples would there be if everyone had just given it one more chance.

Learn from your mistakes. It's not enough to just be persistent, you should learn from your previous attempts. If you don't get what you want change your approach until you succeed.

What Creates a Champion?

If you want to duplicate the success of a champion, whether they be in sports or business, as well as eliciting their beliefs it is also important to duplicate their physiology. Copy their posture, breathing, tone of voice and mannerisms, this will make you feel the same way as the person you are trying to model.

You will find there are some common traits that successful people display, these include:

They are very passionate about what they do, it drives them forward.
They have the belief they can succeed - they're very confident in their own abilities.
They have a strategy for success - organizing their resources to win.
They are very sure about their values - knowing what is right and wrong.
They look after their health so they will have the energy to achieve their goals.
They are very affable, they find it easy to gain rapport.
They are very good communicators both in the way they talk to others and in the way they think to themselves.

You need to take on board these traits and make them part of your beliefs to become successful.

This is just an small introduction to NLP, I have only scatched the surface in focusing on one particular area. This article will be added to in the future.

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